Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mmmmm Ganache!

Ganache is a mixture of dark chocolate melted with heavy cream, it is delicious and rich!

My favorite cake and my clients will agree with me is a double layer fudge cake filled and iced with ganache. I like to dip fresh strawberries into the ganache while it is warm and use them for a cake topper like so:

Remember those "got milk" commercials?

This cake would be PERFECT for it!

More strawberries dipped in ganache, I use a toothpick, and twirl it until it dries slightly, it only takes a few seconds to stop dripping. Then I stick the toothpick into a foam cake dummy.

Here's another version of the fudge filled with ganache and the strawberries only I iced it with almond buttercream. YUM!

Here's the recipe I use:
12 oz dark chocolate chips (by weight)
8 oz heavy cream. (don't you DARE go for the lighter stuff)
1 oz sugar (by weight)
1 tbsp butter (this is optional and gives it a shiny look. I leave it out because I like the matte look)

For an extra special treat, turn your mixer on high in check back in 10 mins . . . whipped ganache is literally worth dying for!


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