Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Duff Fondant

I have always made my own fondant for cakes, mostly because I'm cheap and the Wilton Fondant tastes like plastic!

But . . . I have ALWAYS wanted to make a red cake and no one wants a mouth full of red buttercream.

That's hot! ;)

Because I shop at Michaels a lot, I couldn't help but notice Duff from Ace of Cakes has come out with his own line of products . . . namely Fondant!

It was 30% which made it $14 for 2 lbs.

The cheapskate said: "Dang it, I can't use my coupon!"
The cakerator said: "TRY IT!!!"

The cakerator won! They were out of red, so I dyed it myself. The first ting I noticed when I opened the tub was the smell . . . the smell of candy corn! YUM!

The taste was also of candy corn, not plastic like Wilton.

It rolled beautifully, was forgiving and colored nicely.

I rate it 9/10.
(I couldn't give it 10/10 because the cheapskate inside DEMANDS a lower price)

Definitely try it and HERE is a coupon!

Happy Caking,

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