Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brush Embroidery

Brush embroidery is a fun way to add a lace look to a cake. The cake can be covered in fondant or crusted buttercream. I have used buttercream and royal icing for the embroidery, but prefer the royal icing.

Pipe frosting with a round tip onto the cake in the desired pattern. Take a paint brush and pull the inside half of the line inwards to fill in the gaps, leaves, petals, ect. Leave the outside half of the line raised to give it a 2D look.

After the icing hardens it is also fun to go over it with luster dust to give the embroidery some shimmer!

See Wilton's step by step pics!

Monday, September 28, 2009

My Happy Place

I have always enjoyed making cakes and once I joined the online cake community my eyes were opened to vast possibilities. I went from making a few a year to at least one cake a week, then begging people to let me make them cake just to try a new technique. A girl's gotta fund the habit! Ü

I've decided to take the habit to the next step and take orders! If baking cakes is my "happy place" why wouldn't I want to do it all the time? So I say . . . let them eat cake !
This cake is a 10", 6" cake with cornflower blue rolled buttercream fondant. Brush embroidery flowers using royal icing. Bordered with ribbon.


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