Monday, May 3, 2010


I had the opportunity to make a 4 tier wedding cake this weekend and it ALL went bad! I'm sharing this more for venting purposes, but also so you can get an idea of some of the stress I get the deal with as the "cake lady".

This cake was all chocolate with raspberry filling iced in cream cheese frosting. I had to transport it 30 minutes away. I stacked the bottom 2 layers on the stand and the top 2 were transported separately (thank goodness). While on the freeway a car cut me off then hit his brakes. This resulted in me slamming on the brakes . . . my life and the cakes or just the cakes! Ugh! The whole bottom tier slid off because it made the dowels shift which made the tier that was sitting on it also fall off. The top tier flowers fell of and the filling dam broke. Imagine a white wedding cake bleeding red juice. I said some VERY naughty words and pulled over. Took the cakes apart and shifted the layers back. The car and I were covered in icing. I know I should have taken pictures but I was too traumatized! I pretty much wanted to die!

I finally make it to the church and start to take pieces of wedding cake inside, everyone I pass says "what happened!" The grooms dad comes in and says, you must be the cake lady, and my response was "I would rather be anyone else besides the cake lady right now!"
After 90 minutes of fast work, lots of swearing, and lots of praying I was able to salvage the top 3 tiers and make it at least passable. Here is the final picture, definitely not my best but let's be realistic here ;)

Happy caking,


  1. It's still beautiful! And what would a wedding be without a catastrophe? At least it was fixable. Sorry about the crazy driver and what you had to go through though. That sucks for you, but you're very talented obviously since you were able to save it and make it work for them still.

  2. It was a bit traumatic! The bride and groom were gracious which definately helped. I have to admit I was a little extra nervous my next few weddings ;)



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