Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making Cake Stands!

It is difficult finding a cake stand that isn't ugly, too small or costs a fortune! I have officially lept out of the cake stand box and discovered how to make one. Platters are much easier to find in varying colors, sizes and shapes. Buy a platter or plate you like and a candlestick, vase or bowl that matches to some degree. Walmart sells an epoxy glue called "E-6000". (In the craft area) Put epoxy on each piece, let it set for 2 minutes and place together. For full strength let your new cake stand set for 48 hrs.

Blue 18.5 in platter with clear glass bowl beneath.
Clear 12 in platter with Clear ice cream bowl stand
Square 10in dinner plate with square bowl stand
White 10in dinner plate with matching square bowl stand

This is a great way to add height and elegance to a cake!
Happy caking!


  1. Those are beautiful and so creative. I don't make cakes, but I now want to go make cake stands. -Tiffany

  2. Get creative with epoxy. I love to wander through DI or Goodwill and look at all the discarded glass and think creations up!

  3. Great idea! I've had such problems finding cake are a life saver!



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