Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tie Dye Effect!

Let's get groovy!

I figured out how to give a tie dye effect on frosting . . . 
it's kinda awesome!

Check it out!

I coated with sides with sprinkles . . . because sprinkles make EVERYTHING better.

Happy caking,


Topsy Turvy with Buttercream

WARNING:  Not my best video or prettiest cake . . . but it is what it is.  


I wanted to give you guys a visual for a super basic Topsy Turvy construction.

Happy Caking,


Popcorn Cupcakes!

Adorable popcorn cupcakes . . . without popcorn.

I looked at a TON of ways to make "popcorn" for cupcakes and some were crazy complicated and others were . . . popcorn.

Popcorn tastes gross with frosting so I had to find middle ground.

Here's what I came up with!

Happy Caking,


DYI Cake stands and Cupcake towers!

I've discovered it's much easier to make a tutorial and "show" you how to do something with a video on 
You Tube than with pictures!  

Cake Stands!!!

I buy stuff from Good Will,
Dollar Store, Walmart, Hobby Lobby . . .

get creative and buy epoxy!

Happy Caking,



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